Small town feel... big time education.

It's easy to feel lost at those big universities where each student is just another number. Here at Alder Rayne we believe that each student is a unique person that has something incredible to contribute to the world. We pride ourselves on our small class size and our individualized approach to the college experience that helps each and every student succeed.Apply today and see what makes Alder Rayne different! ☔︎

Student Clubs

Alder Rayne University boasts a vibrant student community with opportunities to get involved in a variety of different clubs! Regardless of your interests, you are sure to find people to share them with at Alder Rayne. Or if you're looking to broaden your horizons, there are plenty of interesting things to try. Apply now and find a new group of friends at Alder Rayne!

Anime Club

Regardless of what kind of anime you enjoy, you're welcome at the Alder Rayne anime club! Each meeting we'll watch one episode of each of our two current series together and then talk about other anime related topics.Meets every Thursday evening at the Student Union.

Rain Chasers Club

Interested in the unique folklore of the university and the surrounding region? Come visit us every Wednesday evening at the Student Union. We're happy to tell you what we know... and if you want to get more involved, join us in chasing down the secrets of what's in the rain.

Badminton Club

Meets every Tuesday at 4 at the gym. Bring your own equipment.


Proudly supporting our LGBTQIA+ student population! Meets in the Student Union twice a week, Monday and Wednesdays.

We Like Pizza Club

Did you know that the university doesn't have very strong requirements around what constitutes a club? And did you know that every club gets a budget from the university?Join us every Friday at 5 to eat some pizza, courtesy of Alder Rayne.

How to Survive College

  1. Don’t go outside when it rains.

  2. If you fall asleep in class and no one is around when you wake up, stay at your desk. Pretend you’re taking notes. Don’t look up and don’t look around, no matter what you hear. You’ll be returned to your classroom when it leaves.

  3. Don't leave your laundry in the washer or dryer for too long. If you do and someone has folded it for you, put it away nicely. If you don't, the person that folded it for you will know and will come for you.

  4. If you break campus rules and go into the steam tunnels, be aware of your surroundings. If you see where steam is leaking into the open air, run. Get out of the tunnels as quickly as you can. There's more than just steam down there.

  5. If you get caught out in the rain… you are not seeing things. There is something out there, between the raindrops. Get inside as quickly as you can.

  6. Campus does not flood. If you see water beginning to accumulate any larger than a puddle, get to high ground as fast as you can. The river is coming for you.

  7. If you’re in the steam tunnels and a door doesn’t open to where you expect, close it and open it again. It should lead you to the correct location on the second try.

  8. If you absolutely must venture out in the rain, go in groups. Do not be caught in the rain alone. Similarly, never swim in the gym pool alone. They hunt in packs and are looking for easy prey.

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Alder Rayne University is fake. This website was created to go with some stories on nosleep. You can read them here."How to Survive College" was written by Bonnie Quinn.